Participate in any of our four events at the

Pilates On Tour Sydney 2020 Pre-Conference.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

All-day workshops: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Pre-conference Workshop 1, all-day workshop

Balanced Body Intelligent Reformer Programming

Instructor: Nora St John, Lani Finnane and Rachel Kennedy

If you teach Reformer classes, semi-private or private sessions and are looking for ways to challenge your clients to perform at their best, this class will teach you a simple structure for creating classes that are effective, efficient and fun. Using the Balanced Body Reformer Programming system, you will learn how to develop classes for different kinds of students from beginner to advanced and to focus on specific areas of the body like the upper body, lower body or core. You will learn 15+ exercise sequences spanning the range from traditional to creative including some to illustrate how to use music in a class. Whether you are a new or experienced Reformer teacher, this class will take your teaching to a new level of clarity, effectiveness, and creativity!

Appropriate for Reformer instructors.

Hours: 8


Pre-conference Workshop 2 all-day workshop

Balanced Body Tower Progressions

Instructor: Portia Page

The Pilates Tower is a wonderful tool for teaching beginners the basics and for challenging advanced clients. Learn progressive sequences focusing on spinal mobility, complex movement patterns and building strength in this practical workshop. Exercises for all levels are included with an emphasis on how to progress to the advanced exercises. 

Appropriate for Reformer instructors

Hours: 8


Pre-conference Workshop 3, all-day workshop

Balanced Body Anatomy + Movement®: Building Maximum Leg Strength

Instructor: Joy Puleo and Tanya Cates 

Take a deep dive into effective lower body training principles, exercises, and programming in this in-depth workshop. Combining Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ with the Balanced Body Movement Principles you will examine the bones, joints, and muscles of the pelvis and legs, learn how they work together to perform functional lower body movement and use this information to train your clients and classes to develop lower body strength and endurance. In the morning you will build the major muscles of the lower body using clay on our proprietary skeleton. We’ll build the hip flexors, extensors, abductors, adductors, and rotators and you’ll gain a true understanding of how they work together to create powerful functional movement.


In the afternoon you will apply the anatomy learned to functional lower body training techniques using the Balanced Body Movement Principles. Combining theory, innovative exercises, and practical teaching, you will walk away with the knowledge and tools to design a state-of-the-art lower body conditioning program for your clients. 

Appropriate for all instructors

Hours: 8


Precon Workshop 4, all-day workshop

Balanced Body Functional Movement Certification

Instructor: Helen Vanderburg and Erika Quest

The ability to move with strength, power, efficiency, and grace creates the foundation for a long and healthy life. Balanced Body’s Functional Movement certification will give personal trainers and group exercise instructors the skills needed to help their clients and classes move well for a lifetime. Based on the Balanced Body Movement Principles, the course provides a solid foundation in movement science, movement analysis, and foundational exercises to support your career in any training environment and with any population. Through lectures, workouts and teaching drills, you will learn and practice foundational movement exercises, assessing optimal and dysfunctional movement patterns and strategies for planning progressive training sessions for optimal results.


Appropriate for all instructors

Hours: 8

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